Travel grant to participate in the SPS meeting in Reykjavik 2019

You may apply for a travel grant to participate in the SPS meeting in Reykjavik (August 2019). Successful applicants will be awarded a fixed sum of 10000 SEK when we receive proof of participation, documented as a confirmation letter from the organizers after the meeting.

Application deadline: May 1st

You will receive an answer to your application by May 15th

You must be a member of the SPS in order to apply, but you may apply for membership simultaneously by filling in the Membership Application Form. This form should be sent by email to as soon as possible after submitting your grant application. A connection to Scandinavia is required to be eligible for SPS membership. Please indicate briefly in the application email who you are, where you work, and the nature of your Scandinavian connection. 

Grants will be awarded by the SPS executive committee according to the following priorities:

  1. Participants presenting at the conference (oral or poster)
  2. Participants attending both a special interest group (SIG) satellite symposia and the main conference
  3. PhD students and post docs
  4. Applicants with current SPS membership with dues paid, or lifetime members
  5. New SPS member applicants

Please click this link to apply: