Open access to Ukrainian thoughts, not to their soil

Europe is aflame, turmoil leaves many speechless.

Now is the time we stand up for human rights.

Now is the time we withstand disinformation and science abuse.

Now is the time we divert attention from items secondary, to saving lives and freedom of speech.

Now is the time we act as one, no boarder can separate.

Now is the time for truth. The truth of lives taken from youths for the satisfaction of few.

How high must the toll be before we, with vision for a better world, abandon indifference to make a difference? May the call echo to scientists of the world: Use your knowledge and abilities in any way, to stop actions unworthy for humans with open hearts and minds.

Acta Physiologica provides open access to obituaries of fallen scholars from all nations. Scholars dearly missed, but never forgotten. Their lives ceased, their visions not.

Acta Physiologica provides open access to editorials coauthored by scientists of nations at war. Editorials making clear the nature of true leadership, the falsehood of violence and that bloodshed never brings glory.

Anyone not believing in miracles is not a realist, Ben Gurion.

Hope. Act. Now.

Pontus Persson

Chief Editor

Charité, Institute of Vegetative Physiology, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin


How to cite this article: Persson PB. Open access to Ukraniain thoughts, not their soil. Acta Physiol. 22;00:e13810. Doi:10.1111/apha.13810