FEPS and Acta Physiologica

FEPS (Federation of European Physiological Societies) was founded in 1991 as a common platform for European physiologists. At present 31 national Physiological Societies are members of FEPS.

FEPS promotes and fosters the exchange and diffusion of concepts and information between physiologists and the societies of physiology in the European region. In addition, FEPS arranges and encourages joint meetings and training programs. FEPS also performs activities to facilitate the exchange of graduate students and scientists in the physiological field within Europe.

Acta Physiologica provides financial support to a variety of FEPS-activities as well as facilitates the publication of invited reviews and special issues from frontline symposia within Europe. In addition abstracts from meetings where FEPS is a partner or from meetings of the national societies are regularly published on the Acta Physiologica Congress website to be available electronically and citable.