August Krogh lecture

In honour of the Danish physiologist August Krogh (1874-1949) The Scandinavian Physiological Society (SPS) and the International Union of Physiological Sciences (IUPS) have agreed to arrange a regular August Krogh Lecture at each of the International Congresses of Physiological Sciences, a tradition originally introduced in 1983. The first August Krogh Lecturer was Bodil Schmidt-Nielsen, the daughter of August Krogh. In the beginning both the American Physiological Society (APS) and IUPS (through SPS) have named a Krogh lecturer for their respective meetings. In April 2003, at the meeting of the APS and IUPS programming committees, it was decided to combine the two Krogh Lectures into one single award and presentation. The Krogh lecturer in 2005 was a joint award between APS and IUPS/SPS.

For the IUPS, the plan is based upon the terms of the agreement made by SPS and IUPS, signed in Christchurch, New Zeeland, during the IUPS meeting in 2001. The August Krogh lecturer is jointly selected by SPS and IUPS from amongst the most distinguished physiologists working in the fields related to August Krogh’s research interests. The field related to Krogh’s research is proposed to be comparative physiology broadly defined. The SPS proposes one or more candidates for consideration by the International Scientific Program Committee (ISPC), appointed by IUPS for the upcoming Congress. Then ISPC will approve or select the Krogh Lecturer in Accordance with the general program strategies.

Here is a list of the selected Krogh lecturers so far (special thanks to Erik Hviid Larsen at the University of Copenhagen):

1986 Vancouver – Knut Schmidt-Nielsen

1989 Helsinki – Else K. Hoffmann

1993 Glasgow – Axel Michelsen

1997 St. Petersburg – No lecturer

2001 Christchurch – Bengt Saltin

2005 San Diego – Roy E. Weber

2009 Kyoto – Tobias Wang

2013 Birmingham – Patrik Rorsman

You can read more about August Krogh at Wikipedia.