Financial support

Support of meetings not initiated by SPS

You can apply for support to meetings related to physiology by contacting the Secretary General. SPS supports meetings depending on numbers of participating SPS members and the number of manuscripts generated for Acta Physiologica.

Who and How?

1. The main applicant must be a member of SPS. The proposal should include the following:
1.1 Topic
1.2 Time of event
1.3 Location
1.4 Expected numbers of participants
1.5 Expected numbers of participants who are SPS members
1.6 Expected numbers of manuscripts for Acta Physiologica
1.7 Budget
1.8 Name of the person responsible for the meeting.
2. If the organizers intend to use a meeting location mediated by SPS, the Secretary General must be contacted at least 12 months prior to the meeting. If an alternative meeting location is preferred, the deadline is 5 months before the meeting.
3. The meeting must be announced on our webpage at the latest 3 months before the meeting starts.
4. The meeting must be open to SPS members.

What do we do?

1. We support the meeting with SEK 400 per participating SPS member.
2. We support good articles/reviews with up to SEK 4 000 per manuscript. The papers should be around 10 printed pages.
3. We announce the meeting at no extra cost on our webpage and in our monthly newsletter.
4. The support will be given after the meeting, based on the list of participants and received manuscripts.


Send your application to the Secretary General at as early as possible.