1. A SIG is formed by decision of the board after nomination by the president and the secretary-general to whom a detailed request may be submitted.
  2. A SIG must include members from at least three Nordic countries.
  3. A SIG should be formed by more than 5 individual participating laboratories.
  4. A SIG should submit a short report to the secretary-general after a meeting/symposia if they have received support.
  5. SIGs are expected to submit proposals for symposia and other sessions at the Scandinavian Physiological Society meetings.
  6. A SIG may receive an annual support of up to SEK 75 000 from the Scandinavian Physiological Society after submission of a budget for the upcoming year. The budget has to be submitted to the secretary-general at least 2 months prior to the start of the 12 months spending period.
  7. Unused means of a SIG must not exceed the sum of the support received in the current year and the preceding year.
  8. Every SIG elects a contact person responsible to SPS for budgets and accounts in the 5 year period.

Special Interest Groups should be evaluated every fifth year.