Nordic Neuroscience

Special Interest

This special interest group (SIG) brings together scientists working with the function of the nervous system at all levels and facilitates creative and open discussions and sharing of knowledge.

Objectives and Vision

Neuroscience explores the workings of the nervous system, aiming to comprehend the intricacies of the brain and its role in behavior, perception, and cognition. By studying the electrical and chemical processes underlying the function of neurons and neural networks and investigating how neurons communicate, how signals are transmitted between them, and how they integrate information within neural circuits, we strive to uncover the fundamental principles governing brain function. Ultimately, better knowledge of brain function leads to a deeper understanding of what it means to be human. Furthermore, neurophysiology provides valuable insights into psychiatric and neurological disorders, where the understanding of the pathophysiology is to a large extent lacking.

No brain is an island – the nervous system is a well-integrated part of the body. The membership in SPS allows for opportunities to interact with researchers from other fields, and to see the nervous system from a physiological viewpoint. Together with other SIGs we will organize joint meetings, and actively take part in larger events organized by SPS.

The Nordic Neuroscience SIG was formed to also provide some support to what became the Nordic Neuroscience meeting in Trondheim (2015), Stockholm (2017) and Helsinki (2019). This meeting series strengthens the Nordic and Baltic collaborations and facilitates novel scientific discoveries.

Position in Nordic Physiology

Neurophysiology, and neuroscience as a whole, present significant momentum in the Nordic countries. Groundbreaking discoveries have been honored with Nobel Prizes to May-Britt Moser, Edvard Moser, Arvid Carlsson, Ragnar Granit, Ulf von Euler, Torsten Wiesel and Jens Christian Skou. The Kavli Prize has been awarded to Sten Grillner, and the The Brain Prize to Ole Kiehn, Lars Edvinsson and Jes Olesen.

Steering Group

The steering committee of the Nordic Neuroscience SIG includes:

  • Tomi Taira, Professor, Vice Dean, University of Helsinki, Finland
  • Maria Lindskog, Associate Professor, Senior lecturer, Uppsala University, Sweden
  • Mai Marie Holm, Associate Professor, Aarhus University, Denmark
  • Clive R. Bramham, Professor, University of Bergen, Norway.


As a member of the Nordic Neuroscience, you support the work of this special interest group. You will have the possibility to suggest theme for symposia at the European and World Physiology meeting and contribute as speaker or chair at Nordic meetings. You will also receive relevant information about events relevant for Nordic Neurosience. As a member in The Scandinavian Physiological Society you will connect with other researcher in the field of physiology, qualify for travel awards and gain access to our scientific journal Acta Physiologica.

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Mia Lindskog, Uppsala University: