Special Interest Groups

The Scandinavian Physiological Society supports special interest groups (SIG) to facilitate bottom-up-driven activities within the objectives of the Society.

Each SIG is expected to propose symposia and speakers for our main meetings and we typically allocate a day to topic meetings within the SIGs on the day before our main meeting starts. In addition, the SIGs can organise their own separate events, such as small meetings, workshops, seminars and courses with focus on their physiological discipline.

You must be a member of the Scandinavian Physiological Society to join a SIG. Become a member here.


Each SIG receives up to SEK 75 000 per year to support their activities, and each SIG will be evaluated on a five-year basis.

A new SIG can be established upon approval by board and after nomination by the executive board. A SIG must include members from at least three Nordic countries, and more than five laboratories.

There are currently five Special interest Groups in SPS: