Epithelial, Membrane Transport, and Renal Physiology

Special Interest

This special interest group has a dedicated interest in epithelial and membrane transport mechanisms, with a special focus on renal physiology and pathophysiology.

Objectives and Vision

Membrane transport is critical for a myriad of essential processes throughout the body. From absorbing nutrients and minerals in digested food to regulating how blood pressure is maintained, these fundamental mechanisms remain of critical importance. Transport across epithelia is an absolute requirement for maintaining homeostatic control of a large range of electrolytes, solutes and molecules. Knowledge of these membrane transport processes remain the cornerstone to understand general physiology and pathophysiology. As such, the kidney is central to the maintenance of homeostasis and have a special focus in the group.

Position in Nordic Physiology

Epithelial transport physiology and renal physiology has been especially strong in the Nordic region, encompassing notable researchers such as Poul Brandt Rehberg who was the first to estimate the glomerular filtration rate, Hans Ussing, who invented the Ussing chamber to study epithelial membrane properties, Bodil Schmidt-Nielsen’s who did pioneering studies on urea transport, Björn Folkow who contributed strongly to the field of hypertension research and Jens Christian Skou whom received the Nobel Prize for identifying the sodium potassium ATPase. The special interest group on Epithelial, Membrane Transport and Renal Physiology strives to keep a high level of knowledge exchange and networking within in these research fields. We have a special aim to reach out to and include junior researchers in the region, to build on the proud Nordic traditions in these research areas.

Steering Group

The steering committee of the SIG includes

  • Professor Henrik Dimke, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark
  • Professor Jenny Nyström, University of Gothenburg, Sweden


Please send an email to Henrik Dimke (hdimke@health.sdu.dk) to be included on our email list where we communicate all SIG activities.