If you are working in a Scandinavian country or have some kind of professional cooperation with someone in Scandinavia you can become a member of the SPS. The Society has a variety of membership categories to accommodate all interest levels. The regular membership is for individuals conducting original research in physiology, the associate membership is for individuals interested in physiology but without the evidence of scholarly work and the student membership is for any student engaged in physiological work that will culminate in a doctoral degree.

The Scandinavian Physiological Society belongs to the Federation of European Physiological Societies (FEPS), in this context representing its members in Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

When becoming a member of the Society you get certain benefits like:

  • You are automatically a member of FEPS (Federation of European Physiological Societies) and IUPS (International Union of Physiological Sciences)
  • You will get regular information on the activities of the Society and meetings related to physiology directly to your e-mail.
  • You get the opportunity to apply for travel grants for participating in scientific meetings.
  • You can freely advertise (relevant) job offers on our website.
  • As a member of the Scandinavian Physiological Society, you will get free online access to Acta Physiologica, by notifying us at
  • You will be able to join any of our Special Interest Groups (SIG) or form a new group. Read more about them here.

You can apply for membership by sending in this application form: SPS_Membership_Application_Form_2021 (word-file)

Number of members: about 840

For more information, please write to